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Benefits of Eating Protein

Did you know that it is perfectly possible to ingest the necessary amount of essential amino acids through vegetable alternatives? Read the article to learn more...

It is impossible to talk about sports nutrition (amateur or professional) without mentioning protein. In fact, protein has gone from being something considered the exclusive concern of weightlifters or bodybuilders to an obvious necessity for anyone with an active lifestyle. But what exactly are the benefits associated with protein consumption, and why is it so necessary for anyone who exercises?

For starters, it's important to understand what the function of protein is in our bodies. Proteins are made up of 20 different amino acids, which act as building blocks that can be used to form the different structures of the human body: muscles, skin, hormones, etc. The most interesting thing is that, of these 20 amino acids, only 8 must be provided by the diet (the so-called essential amino acids), since the rest can be synthesized in the body from various substances. Therefore, it is essential that the diet regularly supplies these essential amino acids, which is achieved by eating different protein sources.

It is also important to mention that physical exercise causes some damage to the structure of the proteins that form the muscles. This damage, if controlled, is positive as it acts as a stimulus for muscle regeneration. But if the exercise is too intense, or if recovery is not adequate (poor diet and/or poor quality of sleep), fatigue, tiredness and loss of performance will result. It is therefore essential to ingest proteins rich in essential amino acids throughout the day and, in particular, after the most intense muscular efforts. In fact, the intake of proteins with a superior amino acid profile will contribute not only to muscle recovery, but also to muscle maintenance and growth.

And for those who think that eating protein is synonymous with steaks and eggs, there is good news: it is perfectly possible to ingest the necessary amount of essential amino acids through plant-based alternatives, both food and supplements!

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