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Keeping a good mental health: how?

There is nothing wrong with not always being well. We increasingly have to learn how to take care of ourselves and of our mental health. But how? Here you’ll have some tips to keep yourself healthy, physically and mentally.

According to the World Health Organization, mental health (most often left neglected) is essential for the well-being of people, societies and countries. Every individual needs to be well so that they can respond to life's challenges, work productively and be able to believe in their own potential.

In order to feel good about yourself, it’s essential that you learn some techniques that help you improve your mental health. Let’s do it?

Explore the world of meditation

This technique will allow you to relax, while learning to control your emotions. Meditation will help you reduce the negative emotions and allow you to hold onto the good things that life can bring you.

Even if it's something you never imagined doing, give it a chance and, who knows, if you don't discover a new passion. You don't have to run right away to sign up for classes, you can start from Youtube tutorials or even sign up for a virtual class. The most common types of meditation are Mindfulness and Yoga.

In Mindfulness, the main goal is to be able to focus on the present. You will gain skills to interpret what is going on in your body, while reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations that arise in the present moment. Learn to pay attention to the now and forget about past memories and future worries and you will see how this helps to reduce stress.

Also in Yoga, the aim is to achieve a balance between mind and body. In addition to a sporting activity, it's another moment where you can focus only on yourself. The practice of yoga has advantages such as self-knowledge and contentment, it will tone your body, develop flexibility, strengthen your joints, improve breathing and posture, and reduce stress levels.

Don’t read too much news

It’s undeniable the importance of being an informed citizen, aware and aware of the problems that surround the world. On the other hand, it's also not good for you to match news every minute. Most important of all, always make sure you're collecting and reading correct and trustworthy information. It's okay if you take a break from the news as this will help to normalize your anxiety levels.

Don’t let exercise get out of your routine

Call a friend or family member for a walk, join the gym, train at home. Just don't let the laziness win and allow yourself, for a moment, to forget about your problems. Did you know that physical exercise contributes to better self-esteem and that it encourages the organization of daily life and socialization? It also reduces stress and is essential to prevent any health problems.

Keep healthy eating habits

You might think not, but keeping healthy eating habits has a great impact on mental health. Following a diet based on healthy habits helps prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory, obesity and diabetes. In more stressful moments, when you have more desire to eat, avoid doing it in an uncontrolled way.

Ask professional help

You don't have to have prejudice or feel ashamed about having to resort to a professional. The most important thing is that you take care of yourself and learn mechanisms to ensure that you maintain good mental health.

Don’t neglect your sleep

We all like to have a good night's sleep, which ends up influencing our mental well-being and helping to face the day with a different mood. But these nights don't always happen.

Therefore, it’s important that you find techniques that help you get enough sleep. For example, you can establish a sleep schedule, do relaxing activities before going to bed, avoid heavy meals, caffeine and other stimulating substances before going to bed and not go to bed racking your head with the problems that plague you.

Above all, ensure that you don't let yourself be isolated and that you maintain an active social life. Schedule dinners with friends, take a trip with the family, go to the movies. Learn something new, dare to try a surf lesson, start painting, catch up on your readings. The most important thing is that you never forget to take care of your mental health.