#bettery Consejos para el entrenamiento

Training tips: the main mistakes you should not make again

Do you exercise regularly? In case you do, do you always have a water bottle by your side? Do you take breaks between workouts? Do you have the habit of warming up and stretching? If you answered “no”, this article is for you.

Pay attention and stop making these common mistakes - before and after the workout - that can end up compromising your health and well-being.

If you start exercising without a good warm-up, the first mistake is right there. Warming up your body before starting your workout is essential and your muscles will thank you. From now on, organize your training and include a five to ten minute warm-up: it’s important for the body to prepare for the more demanding movements and it will also help you prevent injuries.

It’s also essential that you don’t forget to stretch at the end of your workout, and that they don’t end suddenly. This time is ideal for allowing the tense muscles to stretch while your heart rate drops and your body temperature cools.

But there is more. It’s very important that you rest between workouts. Did you know that the changes in your body happen while you rest and not while you are training? Allow your body to take a break so that in the next workout it comes back even stronger.

Equally as important as the post-workout rest is respecting the interval between sets. It’s in these short breaks that the muscles recover for the next round of repetitions and when the hormones important for muscle growth are released, increasing strength and burning fat.

Also, avoid constantly repeating the same workouts, as you end up exercising too much the same parts of your body. When planning your workouts, make sure they include a variety of exercises. This way, you are avoiding neglecting some muscle groups, while at the same time avoiding injuries.

Exercising with the wrong shoes is another mistake you can make, without knowing you're hurting yourself. Wearing appropriate footwear for the type of physical activity you’re doing, will prevent injuries such as shin, back or knee pain.

Combined with the proper footwear, you should not neglect your posture when performing any type of exercise, such as lifting weights. Poor posture can trigger muscle damage or even prevent you from exercising for a while. At the same time, you should also be well informed about how to use all the equipment you use while you train.

Another mistake you might be making is taking nutritional supplements without the supervision of a specialist. Sports supplementation is considered adequate only when balanced with a diet programmed for a specific result. So check with a specialist before you start taking any nutritional supplement “just because”.

It is also ideal that the hydration (before, during and after the workout) isn’t neglected. The truth is that while you exercise, you lose a lot of fluids and the body can become dehydrated.

While hydration is essential, it is also urgent that you realize that you are making a mistake by not eating after training. It’s necessary to restore energy levels. You can choose to have, for example, some cereal/energy bars, yoghurt or a light meal that includes liquids, carbohydrates and proteins.

From now on, no matter where you choose to train, you have no excuse for not giving your best, knowing what you should (or shouldn’t) do, so that your body is never harmed.