Bettery started as the most powerful tool of change: an idea.

An idea from Alexandre Pitta de Abreu. Something he matured with Filipe Teixeira, Ph.D. in nutrition and exercise physiology, and a team of smart, professional, and passionate people..

Engineer at heart, Alexandre’s lifestyle was no different from his counterparts. Working at an international consulting firm, the pressure was big. Stress began taking its toll and making his mental and physical health unbalance. Then he decided to do something about it.


We are here to charge a better life

At Bettery, we see the individual as infinite.

A better life is achieved through better choices.

Through innovative plant-based nutrition, driven by scientific knowledge and next-generation personal empowerment.

At the one and only Bettery LifeLab, our goal is to bring the advancement of nutrition through every product and service we design.

That's how we see true improvement: science-backed, human-driven.

Better daily performance that makes us go a little further every step of the way. With the ultimate goal of achieving a better world.

And why not? We believe that this journey begins with the improvement of one's self.

What's your goal?
All of us have different goals. Bettery helps you achieve yours with a dedicated routine made of advanced products. Let’s go!

Bettery Benefits

We pursue a better understanding of the human body and the role of nutrition on its performance, being physical or mental. While considering the needs of every individual.

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